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How many impressions will my stamp make?
Firstly it depends on the ink coverage. By this we mean the amount of ink each impression takes from the ink pad inside. For example, a design with bold and large lettering or solid areas will use more ink per impression than a design with using medium typefaces or outlined artwork.
Secondly, the material being stamped also plays a big part in the life of your stamp. An absorbent material will leave less ink on the stamp. This means when the stamp makes the next impression, there’s less ink on the stamping surface; therefore it will take more from the ink pad. Operating temperature will affect the life of ink pad. In very warm conditions the ink on your pad will evaporate faster; meaning it will make fewer impressions. Lastly the amount of pressure used when stamping will affect the amount of ink used per impression. The harder you press, the more ink will be used. The good news is when your stamp starts to fade; a replacement ink pad or bottle of ink can be purchased to bring your stamp back to life!If you are purchasing a stamp that you plan on using daily, it is recommended that you purchase a replacement ink bottle, that can refill your stamp up to 6 times. Pre-inked stamps are re-inked by removing the handle and adding a few drops of Refill flash ink into the refill hole.  Once re-inked this type of stamp will be ready to go within a few hours.You will be able to achieve around 5000 impressions before your stamp completely dries out.Using our round flash stamp we achieved 3,500 impressions, before we decided to re-ink. However, even after 3,500 impressions the text was still readable and once the stamp had been rested for an hour or two, the impressions actually improved, which would indicate the ink pad had recovered.